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  • "Driving home from my session today I was thinking about how much my life has changed since I started seeing Liz. It’s only been three sessions and actually only two weeks but the difference has been life changing.I had seen Liz’s details a few weeks previously and was hesitant about contacting her as I was very doubtful that she could help me. How wrong can you be. I am so pleased that I found Liz and made contact as I began to notice a huge difference even after one session.

    To say I was nervous about my first session would be an understatement but Liz was so welcoming. She is such a lovely kind, compassionate, non-judging lady and I feel so at ease with her. Liz just ‘gets me’ and our sessions are brilliant and we cover so much stuff in the time.I have gone from feeling fearful, hopeless and fed up to someone who feels more positive, happier, calmer, freer and more excited about life. I just can’t explain it but I’m feeling on top of the world. Haven’t felt so happy for years.

    The sessions so far have been beyond anything I could’ve hoped for and have transformed my life. I can’t thank Liz enough for what she’s done for me so far and have decided to have three more sessions as I realise that it’s an investment in me. "

  • "By luck or by fate, I happened across Liz's business card early in 2016, when I was going through a period of massive uncertainty and unhappiness with the path my life was on. I had known for many years that to find true happiness I would need to make difficult and painful choices, but these were choices I had chosen to simply avoid, instead pursuing a more damaging and unhealthy path.

    I remember my first Theta session with Liz so vividly. Her calm empathy, and gentle ability to look into the deep rooted beliefs that were stopping me from moving forward gave me an immediate sense of hope for the future. Then, through a series of uplifting and enlightening healing sessions, Liz unlocked a courage and a determination in me to change my life that I never knew I had.

    It is interesting to reflect just how far one can come in a year, and whilst I know that I'm just at the start of a long personal journey, as a direct result of Liz's help the starting point is one of honesty, and limitless opportunity. Liz, I could never thank you enough for that.

    Whatever your personal challenges, I could not recommend Liz's healing enough to identify, to understand and to overcome. Hands down one of the best decisions of my life."

  • "I found Liz in Natural Health mag and I was instantly blown away by how comforting she is. After having many failed attempts with counselling and hypnotherapy, I decided to try Theta with Liz. The therapy was so warm and peaceful and I felt comfortable to delve deep into my memories without feeling scared. I feel so much lighter, happier and free from all this awful baggage I have been carrying with me. I no longer suffer with anxiety and everyone has noticed a massive change! Please go and see Liz, you won't regret it!"
  • "I have been struggling with a lot of anxiety, stress and fear in my life, which I kept putting down to my job, feeling restless with life and just a general discontentment.At the beginning of the year, I found Liz's details and decided that it was time to take some form of professional counselling. I had only tried hypnosis before and I was intrigued by what ThetaHealing was and how it could help me, as I really wanted to try and understand why I was feeling how I was. The sessions were hard, as they get to a level in your psyche that you don’t normally go – they take you way back in your life to things that happened in your childhood that explain behaviours now. What the sessions also teach you though, is honesty and what I came to realise was that my relationship was the source of pain and if I wanted to make positive changes to my health and wellbeing, I needed to sort this out. I have taken a great amount of comfort and strength from these sessions!"
  • "I have done 2 recent sessions with Liz and what she has uncovered and cleared has been absolutely amazing! I feel so much lighter and more energised and I can definitely recommend doing Theta/energy clearing with Liz. She really is a gentle and patient therapist who is gifted in her field and makes you feel completely relaxed. For those of you in doubt, I not only feel better emotionally but I can also confirm that I no longer have physical pain in certain areas where I used to – proof that there was a lot of negative emotions/beliefs lying beneath the surface (most of them subconscious but once gently guided by Liz, all of which make sense). Theta really did work in helping with my physical pain. I know there are no quick fixes in life but doing Theta sessions with Liz is definitely the most effective and fast working treatment I could ever have done and I will, without a doubt, be doing more sessions."
  • "Although I am a spiritual person, I did not really know very much about Theta Healing and when I read Liz’s article in the April 2016 edition of Soul & Spirit magazine I thought this sounded amazing and could totally relate to Liz’s story and just knew this form of healing would help me too. I was previously in an abusive relationship for two years and although we split up approx. 12 years ago, my confidence and self-esteem was badly affected so I continued to attract horrible men into my life that wanted to use and abuse me as I did not feel worthy of love and a good / healthy relationship or that I deserved it. I also had a toxic relationship with my sister (who I have not spoken to for 4.5 years) who bullied me, used and abused me, took me for granted and basically despised me, was jealous of me and treated me with such contempt. Liz was so lovely when I told her my story, she never judged me, was so supportive (even when I got upset during some of the points) and she has helped me a great deal. My confidence and self-esteem has increased immensely and I feel so happy and much more positive about life and meeting a wonderful guy (who I have not met yet but I am feeling very positive that it will be soon). I am finally at peace and I feel amazing and this is all down to the lovely Liz and I am truly, truly grateful to her. I also had a lot of fear surrounding men and intimacy due to the abusive relationship but that has all gone now. I now appear to be fearless when a guy sits next to me on the train and his leg brushes mine, I no longer tense up; my fear of spiders has gone as I managed to remove one from my bedroom (I used to run out of a room practically screaming) and I used to have a fear of flying and have had to fly on a plane on my own recently and it did not affect me at all – I am absolutely amazed! Liz has a true gift and is definitely heaven sent (in more ways than one for me) and I totally recommend her. Do not procrastinate - book in to see her pronto!"
  • "Liz I can't thank you enough for the amazing healing experience and for helping me to make some great changes to my life. I have always suffered with low self-esteem and severe anxiety which has prevented me from having proper relationships. After 3 sessions I feel like such a burden has been lifted and I am so happy to report that I have met someone and things are going so well! I am glad that I found you and took a chance with something that may seem a little different to others. It is really worth it!"
    Miss H.
  • " I recently read Liz's story in Soul & Spirit magazine and it touched me so deeply to know that someone else had experienced many of the hardships that I had, but had managed to "come out the other side" and find true happiness. I have had 4 sessions with Liz and my life feels so transformed. I suffered with crippling anxiety, various stress related illnesses and didn't allow myself to get into a relationship. I felt so undeserving and so unworthy of love and happiness. I have recently had a job promotion and started dating an amazing guy and I feel so healthy and full of life again, this is all because of Liz's help. Thank you so much!"
  • ""I had my 4th and last session with Liz today. Wow, what a transformation. Liz is one of the loveliest, most caring people I have met - she listens and never judges and always does what she can to make me feel comfortable. I am a new person since seeing Liz, I can finally leave my house without being scared for the first time in months and for that, I am forever grateful. Thank you for everything Liz!! I highly recommend going to see this lovely, kind hearted lady if you need some help and healing. She has worked absolute wonders, bearing in mind I have been on prescribed medications since I was 10 (8 years ago), and none of them have worked nearly as well as Liz has!"
  • "I had a number of sessions with Liz a few yrs ago to help with my crippling anxiety and had amazing results, so I decided to have some more sessions this year as I realised I was "self sabotaging", preventing me from getting my business up and running. I was constantly making excuses not to take client bookings because I lacked confidence. After having a few sessions with Liz again in Jan 2016 ,I have managed to get my new business up and running, with a new flow of bookings and am no longer making excuses. I feel confident in myself and know that I deserve to be successful. I feel calmer, lighter, happier and more positive about the future. Liz is fab and I can honestly say, hand on heart, I couldn't recommend her highly enough."
  • "I started theta healing sessions with Liz after finding her advert in a magazine. I wanted to gain more confidence in speaking to others and overcome anxieties. Not only did I manage to overcome these difficulties but managed to overcome other issues that I didn't realise I was holding onto. After Liz's sessions I felt uplifted and like a release had taken place. Thank you very much Liz, you've made a difference in my life :-)"
  • "I started having ThetaHealing sessions with Liz on recommendation from a friend who experienced so many great changes. I am so glad I did because I really wanted to find the confidence to establish my own beauty therapy business but I didn’t know if I could do it! I have only ever been used to being employed by someone else. I can happily say that after a few sessions with Liz, I have established my own little business and I want to thank you so much for helping me to gain confidence and the business understanding that I needed!"
  • "I came to Liz after seeing her article in Natural Health Magazine and I was intrigued by ThetaHealing and how it could benefit me. After a rocky few years in my career and relationship where I felt lost and out of my depth, I decided that now was the right time to change my life! I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the space of 6 months since I have seen Liz. I left my bad relationship behind and have met the man of my dreams! I also took the leap into leaving my job and setting up my own therapy business, something I have wanted to do for years but never had the confidence. With Liz’s help and guidance, I have been able to set up my business and work through my fears. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone! Thank you so much for all you have done."
  • "Hi Liz, I just wanted to let you know that things are going well. People I couldn't tolerate because of my anxiety, I am feeling relaxed around. I have had counselling, Hypnotherapy by a famous Hypnotherapist, CBT, you name it and nothing has had these results. You are amazing :-)!"
  • "After some months of seeing Liz on my own for Theta Healing whilst going through a traumatic breakup, custody battle and divorce, I was forced to take my 3 year old toddler along to a session that was booked, as I had been let down by my babysitter. My daughter sat quietly on the sofa and Liz began the session. We hadn’t even said her father’s name, but she must’ve felt the energy in the room as she instantly said “mummy, I want to see daddy”. This was quite uncommon and surprised me! My ex has been very nasty since the break up and has said very inappropriate things to her including, “your mummy is not a nice person” which she has repeated on many occasions and has upset me greatly. Towards the end of the session, Liz suggested that my daughter sit on my lap and had a little cleanse of all negative energy from her father and she did just that and seemed to enjoy being part of it! We left the session and within seconds, my daughter said to me “mummy, I love you so much and I loved being in your tummy and I wish I could be back there”! It was such a special moment. She has been so affectionate and happy all evening and I can definitely see a change. Liz mentioned that children are extremely responsive to Theta Healing and I can totally second that. After one short cleanse, I can see the difference in my daughter. It’s amazing. Thank you Liz”!"
  • "I came to Liz for Theta Healing via Skype having seen a feature article in a magazine. A weekly hour long session for 5 weeks has transformed me and I'm feeling so much brighter, balanced, hopeful about the future and making positive career plans. Liz gave me so much more value-added support during our sessions that has proven invaluable and a real help to me. Her style is friendly and approachable and I immediately built a lasting rapport with her, something I often find difficult with people, but not with Liz. I will definitely return in the future for top up sessions via Skype. Thank you so much Liz for helping me!"
  • "I am a practicing Reiki Master. I wanted to be able to create changes in my life that would help me achieve my goals by aligning and bringing them towards me. Now all I needed was to get rid of the 'stuff' that years of negativity had layered itself within and I wanted a treatment/therapy that was akin to Reiki. This treatment is it. It's like an 'emotional load off' each time you have a session to leave you feeling up-lifted with a sense of control. Each person will feel something different as their emotional compass is set at a different point. You will certainly feel a change. For me, dealing with traumatic stuff made me feel emotional on occasions, liberated, balanced and a plethora of other emotional adjectives. Liz is very calming, non-judgmental, bubbly and good. She certainly knows her stuff. My advice is just go with it - it is amazing!"
  • "After having tried various therapeutic interventions for anxiety I decided to try Theta with Liz Alexander. I had my reservations at first but after my first session I felt a lot 'lighter' and more confident and positive about living the life I am meant to. Liz has a sincere passion for assisting people to reach their full potential. Her caring and intuitive approach enables her to build a trusting relationship with clients. She is able to identify and explore underlying beliefs that may be causing 'blocks' to achieving and maintaining mental/physical health, career goals and relationships. I would definitely recommend Theta with Liz."
  • "I've always had insecurities about myself for as long as I can remember, whether it be with my looks, my job, my finances, you name it. I would worry about it or never feel adequate enough! I have never been the spiritual type or the type of person to open up about things but I thought I would give it a go, mainly because I work really long hours and found myself getting nervous or panicky quite regularly and knew that this wasn't just stress or tiredness. This constant 'on edge' feeling had to be sorted out. Liz is instantly calming with her soft voice and sparkly warm eyes! I must admit, I was quite nervous and felt a bit silly at first but as the treatment went on, I instantly felt relaxed. Liz's technique is professional yet personal and after the first session, I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off me. I even shed a few tears and it was refreshing and uplifting and I'd recommend Liz to anyone, can't wait for my next session! Thanks again Liz!"
  • "Hi Liz, I just wanted to tell you that whatever cleared yesterday is amazing. This morning, I feel reborn. I feel so totally excited about having the rest of my life before me with the absolute confidence to go and enjoy it. I remember feeling a v similar experience when I was late teens v early 20s, this life before me was to live but it was a most negative experience. I felt scared and alone and ill equipped, uneducated, extremely un-street wise with no self-confidence or self-respect and a complete under achiever. I feel none of this now; I have a total sense of control, inner calmness, a sense of peace and ownership of me. Thank you for helping me to get to this point - I having been trying to reach it forever!"
  • "Liz has the amazing skills of helping to heal people of any age, race, religion & no matter what 'problems' you may be having or whichever area of your life needs improving, through her passion for her job, her love for people and her love for her life and herself she is able to empathize. From my personal experience, Liz has helped me with many aspects of my life - my relationship & my marriage, my relationship with my family and kids.
    By just communicating with her, she has not only helped me as a person but I have also drawn courage and strength through seeing her develop through her own personal experiences in the past and how she has grown stronger through her work with ThetaHealing. I can honestly say that both of us are living proof that this works wonders, as she gives me the love and support to control and maintain my eating disorder that I suffered with as a young teenager, many years ago. Without Liz Alexander and her dedication, passion and support I would not be the strong woman that I am today. Thank you so much! "
  • "I work in a highly stressful job in London and my stress and anxiety levels were really causing me a lot of problems both at work and in my personal life. I heard about Liz Alexander through a colleague although I had never heard of Theta Healing before. I had found that counselling hadn't helped me much so I decided to try something new. I was really surprised when I met Liz because she is so warm and friendly and instantly makes you feel at ease and has a great understanding of how the mind works. I wasn't sure about how the session would go but by the end of it, I felt so much lighter! I haven't felt so relaxed in a long time and I have definitely noticed changes! I have had a couple of sessions and I really feel that this is a positive and successful therapy to help with stress and anxiety. Thanks so much Liz, you are brilliant!"
  • "Hello Liz, just wanted to say thank you for helping me. I feel amazing. I haven't had any anxiety and I feel so light and relaxed. Thank you once again! I will defo be seeing you again"
  • "Hi Liz, thank you so much for the amazing Theta sessions I've recently had with you. You are such a kind and non-judgemental person which has been so important for me in order to fully open up about my worries and fears. I feel like my life has changed in a hugely positive way since seeing you. I don't know how you do it, but you are amazing!"
  • "I had my first Theta session with Liz after finding her website and seeing all the great reviews. I was a bit nervous about what to expect as I haven't had much success with counsellors as I felt the sessions were quite confronting and lacking warmth. I was so surprised at how little I needed to talk and how positive and uplifting a Theta session is. We delved into some really interesting memories that I had completely forgotten about and things in my life really started to make sense! Liz is so calm, warm and comforting and I highly recommend you go and see her if you want to address difficulties in your life where you can be open and not feel judged. Thanks Liz, can't wait for our next session"
  • "Liz has helped me clear some deep seated problems that I didn't even know I had or was still holding onto. Theta has also helped me with relaxation and Liz radiates love and light"
  • "I found Liz when I was searching online for therapies that could help with anxiety. I had never heard of Theta Healing before and I was quite intrigued by what it would entail. I really felt that I needed to try something different and I am so glad that I did. Liz has been the first person who has truly believed in me and my strengths and showed me how therapy can actually be a positive and very uplifting experience. Liz is very easy to talk to and feel safe with which is something I have never felt before. Theta Healing sessions have helped me break through the barriers of anxiety that have prevented me from achieving my goals. I have even had the confidence to set up my own business and I feel so energised and excited about the future!"
  • "Before I started to have sessions with Liz, I was down in the dumps, depressed & at a self-confessed ultimate low in my life with regards to my relationships, my marriage, my kids, work and just my life in general. I felt as though I was the only person in this world that had issues and felt that I was the only person whose life just wasn't next to 'perfect'. I was at a point where I was blaming myself for everything that had happened in the past and present, & it was causing me to have huge resentment towards my husband & my family as I felt like I was all alone in a very unavoidable situation & that I was being punished. Liz brought up events from my childhood & the present that I obviously hadn't dealt with & wasn't even aware that these particular past events were still affecting me. She helped me to deal with them & to have them cleared & retracted from causing me such emotional hurt & pain. I have only had 2 sessions so far with Liz, but since the inception of these 2 sessions, I can already see improvement in myself! I am already dealing with these issues & I feel so much lighter & happier & completely comfortable that what we have been dealing with in our sessions have been cleared from my mind & are no longer in my heart ,causing me to feel so 'heavy' & punished & useless as an adult female, a wife, mother, colleague and friend to others. I can highly recommend any one struggling with personal, relationship, and intimacy issues or just with their life in general to try a session with Liz as she has so much patience, passion for her work, for helping each & every person as if you are her ONLY client. Liz follows up with me on a weekly basis to find out how I am doing, which reflects her love for people and assisting others with genuine compassion and care. Everyone deserves to find their inner and outer happiness as what I have realized is that it is all up to US to make our lives & our future bright, successful & happy!"
  • "Liz has a very warming and approachable energy and I found her sessions to bring so many powerful changes in my life that opened up many new opportunities. She is direct and concise and has a great intuition. As I was thinking things, Liz would say it immediately, giving me a sense of reassurance that I was being helped by the right person. Thank you Liz! I highly recommend you."
  • "I came to Liz when I was at my lowest point, suffering with terrible anxiety / depression. I had tried several therapists and none of them seemed to help so I got told about Liz. From coming from such a down, dark place, just meeting Liz straightaway I could see that her positive and comforting attitude would be the biggest change for me .From only having 3 sessions, my life has completely changed because of opening up to things that happened in the past to seeing what I should be happy about, has changed how I think and the way I am and brought so many positives into my life. I felt so relaxed and so comfortable to open up to Liz and she was so laid back and so easy to talk to and very understanding. I highly recommend this therapy as my life has completely turned around :)"
  • "Skype session ~ "You really are somehow getting right to the deep roots with theta healing and in such a short time. So many times I have tried counselling etc but never been able to get to the core. I really hope this will get the message out to more people to help them heal. It's a great intuitive gift you have too Liz! You really do get right inside there in the subconscious and remove the blockages in the body. I really do feel I am being cleansed from the inside out :) and I am amazed you can do all this and it's in the comfort of my home and by Skype. You are doing a wonderful job Liz, thank you !"
  • "Skype session ~ "Intrigued and interested by the article in the recent Natural Health magazine about Liz and ThetaHealing, I booked my first session after an exchange of emails. The session was done via Skype, which was great as it involved no travelling, and was very relaxed as I was in my own environment. Liz is a lovely, natural warm person, quickly put me at ease with a very clear introduction to ThetaHealing and a succinct explanation of how the session would progress. It was a very relaxing and powerful experience! Liz was very objective in her questions, this technique was really powerful as it enabled me with Liz's intuition and great expertise to shift lots of historical clutter which had severely drained and challenged me in the past. At the end of the session, I felt that a great weight had started to lift. It was really energizing and I'm looking forward to my second session. Thanks very much Liz"
  • "I met Liz Alexander as a customer in my shop...I instantly liked her. She projects a warmness and calmness which is a pleasure to be around. Through general chit chat she mentioned she was a Theta Healer and spoke briefly about what she did. I hadn't heard of Theta Healing but knew then and there that I would be seeing her for a session. It just felt right. At the time I wanted to give up smoking and was considering hypnotherapy. After a chat with Liz she explained it was something she could help with, and again, it felt right to follow this up and see her. My first session with Liz was liberating! I can't begin to tell you the feeling of freedom I felt over the following few days after the session. She goes back over your life and 'extracts' stories and events and removes the negative energy associated with these. At the time it just feels like a calm chat. A light therapy session even. Nothing heavy. Nothing uncomfortable. I have now seen Liz once a week for 6 weeks. Our sessions have changed my life. I was stuck in a dead marriage with an emotional abusive husband a small child. When Liz first asked me about my marriage and home life I instantly said I was happy and all was fine. She didn't have to try hard to open me up and it poured out. She filled me with positive energy and love and I had an overwhelming feeling of being calm and in control and totally knowing I had to make change. She spoke at length with me regarding attracting a man worthy of my love and an equal. One who gave me love without abuse. I thought it unlikely. Within weeks of my first session, someone came into my life that I had met many years ago. Love blossomed quickly and I instantly knew I had found my soulmate. Liz was spot on. Releasing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy and love had attracted what I wanted and deserved. I cannot believe how theta healing has changed my life, and the speed in which it has happened. Six weeks on I am now separated from my husband. In a loving relationship with my soulmate and I haven't smoked for 3 weeks!!! I cannot recommend Liz strongly enough. I am not a particularly spiritual person but she has completely changed my way of thinking. My life has changed, and totally for the better. I am happy, content, calm and in control of my destiny. I have Liz to thank for all of this. Try her for yourself and prepare to be amazed like me!!!!"
  • "I recently did a Theta Skype session with Liz and would like to thank her for being so approachable, friendly (we did have some laughs hehe!!) and professional. I asked for a Theta session with Liz because I have had trouble in all my romantic relationships; I needed to investigate this and find out why and what I could do to change this recurring situation. I’ve only done one session so far and already I feel so much better! What came to light, amongst other things, is that I am drawn to abusive/emotionally unavailable men because that is what my childhood memories of relationships dictate. I have also tended to be very defensive and keep people at a very safe distance – I guess that is why I attract a certain kind! Love is not meant to be pain; if you are stuck in this rut and want to change things, I strongly recommend you look into doing Theta sessions with Liz. I no longer feel angry and resentful about my last “relationship”. I feel happy and look forward to one day enjoying a healthy and fulfilling relationship."
  • "I was lucky enough to work with Liz at a pivotal point in my life. I found Liz's approach refreshing and down-to-earth. I was amazed at the insights gained from the Theta technique and felt the effects of the healing immediately. I am very grateful for Liz's guidance, support and encouragement. The sessions with Liz have had a profound effect on my life and I have been recommending her to all my friends! Thank you Liz."
  • "Hi Liz, I just wanted to let you know how great & happy I feel today. I feel like a new person! I feel centered & full of love in my heart. Thank you so much for everything, I am so grateful"