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Liz Alexander


WHAT is Intuitive counselling?

Intuitive counselling brings a modern twist to traditional counselling by combining my natural intuition with meditation , energy healing and counselling to access the SOURCE of anxiety, stress and trauma challenges, held within the subconscious.

Our subconscious is the storehouse for all of our memories, belief patterns and subsequent behaviours which have arisen from traumatic and painful life experiences.

Through my unique gift of using my natural intuition, I am able to read a person’s energy as well as “see” memories and negative beliefs held within the subconscious during a healing session. I help you to instantly and permanently release the negative and painful emotions linked to traumatic life events, allowing you to feel free, joyous and full of life again!

The sessions are friendly, positive, non-invasive and extremely uplifting!

This is a deeply relaxing, warm and friendly mind and body treatment and I love to incorporate the use of healing crystals and candles to create a relaxing and "safe" space for you to truly let go of emotional pain, in a positive and uplifting way.

Intuitive counselling vs Traditional counselling?

Unlike traditional counselling, where a session is primarily devoted to the client speaking about their feelings, my therapy is designed to gently and safely access the client’s memories through natural intuition and meditation whilst clearing painful thoughts and feelings attached to traumatic experiences. This helps you to let go of the emotional burdens you have been carrying, allowing you to move forward with clarity and confidence.

I also utilise The ThetaHealing™ Technique, which works primarily on a deep subconscious level and it is derived from using the Theta brainwave, a deeply relaxed, dreamlike state.

Additionally, I also work with Meridian Psychotherapy, which takes this therapy further by looking at the negative emotions that are stored within our organs which can create disharmony and feeling physically unwell from accumulated emotional stress.

My therapeutic approach is gentle, friendly, warm and encouraging. You are not required to give continuous, in-depth personal details. The main aim at the end of each session is that you feel uplifted, positive and both emotionally and physically "light".

By breaking these subconscious sabotage programmes, you can experience dramatic and transformational life changes!

"Mind & Body healing"

WHY is my therapy so unique and powerful?

*95% of our belief systems are held within the subconscious as a result of life events and these can pave the way for a very challenging life. By working with a practitioner, memories held within the subconscious are accessed safely and without reliving trauma whilst clearing painful attachments to traumatic life events. All emotions, memories and feelings hold energy and the more painful the memory is, the more toxic the energy is that your body is holding onto, resulting into depression, anxiety, anger problems and physical illness.

Many of my clients have experienced feelings of being "lighter" and uplifted after one session and it only takes a few sessions to experience a remarkable benefit to your emotional wellbeing.

* Dr Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief

HOW can YOU benefit from Intuitive counselling?

If you are looking for a fast, effective, unique and transformational therapy that helps you to release painful attachments to traumatic life events, then this could be the perfect therapy for you!

Intuitive counselling is excellent at helping you to overcome emotional challenges associated with: